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Halloween at the Dungeon
“Come on, I’m sure it’ll be fun…”
“I don’t know…” Kamini said. The third-generation Indian teen lay back on her bed, talking on the phone with her boyfriend. “You know I don’t like going to see scary movies very much. I don’t think I’d like going to a haunted house any more then that…”
“Please…” Mark, her boyfriend, begged. “The rest of the gang are all going, so unless we want to spend Halloween by ourselves…”
“That might not be too bad…” Kamini told him. “The two of us over at your place, alone…” She put as much suggestion into that last word as she could.
To her frustration, her boyfriend didn’t seem to take the hint. “Kamini, please. I really want to see this place. Steve took his girlfriend the other day and he says it’s terrific! Look, if it’s too scary for you, I promise I’ll make it up to
:iconachast:Achast 49 22
Five bondage mini-stories
The kidnap
Lucy's fantasy was to be kidnapped. Not by just anyone, but by her boyfriend Marc.
At long last the big day had arrived. They had prepared carefully: handcuffs, rope, the renting of a van, finding a hideout. Nothing, absolutely nothing had been left to chance.
"Did you really have to struggle so much?" Marc asked exasperated, when after much effort, he had managed to get the girl into the van.
Too bad that Lucy had arrived late from work that day, and that Marc, in his precipitation, had mistaken the neighbour's daughter for his girlfriend.
(99 words)
Everyone does it
"You want to do what?" Mary asked, astonished.
"I want to tie you up, like we saw in the movie," David explained, "you will like it, it's relaxing, exciting. You know, everyone does it. And..."
"Not me, I don't," Mary cut him off, "let's go for lunch, that makes more sense".
Mary left her room, followed by a disappointed David.
On one of the shelves, a Barbie doll stirred to life and sat up.
:iconcordefr:cordefr 62 42
Intruder, part I
It was freezing cold. It was dark. Sarah hurried through the rain. When she came home, her hands were shivering so much she had problems putting the key in. Finally she opened the door and went inside. She looked at her hands. They hurt and were all red because of the coldness. Fortunately, the way from school to her home wasn’t very long. Sarah took off her Jacket and slipped out of her shoes. She went into the living room, threw her school bag on the floor and lit up a fire in the fireplace. A hot shower would be the best thing now, she thought. She went into the bedroom to get some dry clothes. On her way she noticed the ballgag Dave gave her weeks ago. His fetish was the reason she had left him. Stupid present, she thought and went on to the dresser. She took a comfy white top, matching panties and a pair of socks (also white) and went to the bathroom. She randomly threw the clothes onto the floor and started to undress. She slipped out of the black vest with the school’s
:icondani1202:Dani1202 100 5
Taken For a Ride
She's beautiful - that is all I can think of as I look at her, sitting next to me with her eyes closed.  She really is beautiful, one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure to meet and deal with.  It seems a great pity that it has to be like this, but business is, after all, business.
I'd met her in the hotel bar the night before, sitting there drinking her drink all on her own.  She stunned me even then, with her strawberry blonde hair falling around her perfectly formed face and the shoulder pads of her designer jacket.  The jacket, and the short skirt that matched it, were pale blue, a slit at the side of the skirt calculated to show just enough of that shapely thigh to entice any man.
Underneath the jacket was a white silk blouse, the top buttons undone and the collar carefully arranged to offer just a glimpse of her cleavage.  This was a woman who knew how she looked, and sought to exploit that look for all it was
:iconkp-presents:KP-Presents 53 2
Serial Tyer
The power thrill. The silent, pleading eyes above the gag. The initial defiance, followed by fear or resignation. I even read somewhere that a lot of women like this kind of helplessness.  
OK, I know. There is a difference between them and me. They did nothing, while I... I acted out my fantasies. Mind you, I did never hurt them, not one of them. Sure, they were scared, but that will wear off. Sure, I forced them, it was strictly non-consensual. But they were never in any danger. Maybe they even enjoyed it, their adventure. After all, for a few weeks they were the center of attention, telling their bondage adventure over and over again, embellishing it maybe, adding to their Damsel in Distress story. Maybe they also fantasized about it, like I do. And I read in a news paper article, that one of them even said that she had liked it, the snugness of the ropes, the adrenaline high.
Strangely enough, my hobby started accidentally. It was really very comical. The very fi
:iconcordefr:cordefr 38 30
Tied to the Tracks
Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.
For most of her life, Jennifer's life had been quite boring. Today was not boring. Extremely strange but not boring.
Jennifer's hands were tied securely behind her back and she was being led forcefully by a sinister man in a black outfit, a cape and a top hat. When Jennifer first saw the guy's hat she thought he was trying to be Abraham Lincoln and actually laughed at him.
He took offense at that and Jennifer quickly learned that laughing at him was a very bad idea. Too bad this was a lesson she learned after he tied her up and took her captive.
"I shall teach you to mock me, you foolish girl!" he threatened her as he glared at the helpless young damsel.
Teach you to mock me, foolish girl? If Jennifer wasn't in such peril at the moment, she would be laughing in his mustached face. Who the hell talked like that. Even though she was in grave danger, she couldn't help but be amused at this goofball.
Comical he may have been but he was far
:iconjenniferindistress:JenniferInDistress 12 19
BookCoverSECURITYGUARD by JenniferInDistress BookCoverSECURITYGUARD :iconjenniferindistress:JenniferInDistress 46 13
I Have Your Girlfriend!
"I have your girlfriend," Dr. Dynamite sneered.
Poor Jennifer had been captured by the  Diabolical Dr. D. She had been blissfully sunning herself when she was overwhelmed by the stench of a chloroform covered rag and carried to the evil doctor's lair.
Jennifer woke up still wearing her bright aqua bikini but now far less comfortable than when she was lying on the beach. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back to a pole in Dr. Dynamite's basement. More rope was lashed around her ankles and stomach keeping her nearly immobile. Her mouth was stuffed with wads of cloth and duct tape which preventing her from speaking as much as the ropes kept her from moving.
"Good morning, my dear." Dr. Dynamite laughed. "I was hoping you would open your beautiful eyes. I just love seeing fear in them."
"Whhhht dhhhhph yppphhhh wnnntffff!" Jennifer demanded through her gag.
"What do I want?" he interpreted. Dr. Dynamite was a real doctor after all and quite fluent in gag speak. "You, my bound bik
:iconjenniferindistress:JenniferInDistress 33 18
My 500th Deviation
Three Damsel in Distress Stories, each exactly 500 words in length, not including the titles.
Tamora Sanderson Meets Brett Rocket
“Don’t even think about tying me up!  These hands are deadly weapons!”
In truth, Tamora didn’t know anything about unarmed combat.  However, in her last movie, she’d starred as Electra Plasma, an android ninja princess from the Andromeda Galaxy.  Therefore, she was able to put on a few convincing moves that backed him off.
“Calm down,” he pleaded.  “The studio hired me to stage your kidnapping.  Didn’t your personal assistant let you know?”
Tamora dropped her arms.  “I don’t currently have an assistant,” she admitted.  She’d been reluctant to hire a new one, after her old one had signed a movie contract and was now stealing roles from her.  “Let’s go!  The publicity will be tremendous!”
He bou
:icondavid-presents:David-presents 17 20
Mature content
Agency :iconedstorm:EdStorm 15 13
Method Binding
“I must congratulate you on getting this far, my dear; you’ve been very impressive.  Not many people could follow those clues to find the lost treasure of the Pharaohs.  But as I told you back in Cairo, the winner takes it all and I always play to win.”
“How dare you!  I beat you to each clue, solved all the puzzles and arrived here at the temple long before you.  All you did was follow my trail so you could steal the prize.”
“Quite right, Eleanor.  Why go to all the trouble you did, not to mention the expense, when you can get someone else to do the legwork for you?”
“You dirty, rotten, piece of …”
“Now, now Eleanor, that’s hardly the behaviour one would expect from a young lady.  Right, hold still.”
“Why? … Wait … hey, what are you doing?”
“Tying you up, what does it look like?
“What?  You’re just going to leave me here?”
:iconcreated-by-caz:Created-By-Caz 14 17
Web Of Villainy
“Here’s my comic book.”
Matt retrieved the copy of Captain Britney Pulsar, Space Explorer!, half-buried under the sofa cushions.  The front cover featured Britney Pulsar, covered in spider silk.  All that could be seen of her were the toes of her white go-go boots, her determined face, and her pastel-green hair, gathered as always in a voluminous ponytail that floated slightly.
Facing Britney stood a cold, regal queen.  Her upper body was fully human, clad in a black robe bearing the insignia of a red hourglass.  A gossamer veil partially obscured her cold eyes, outlined with kohl.  A silver crown rested on her midnight-black hair, long and straight.
Her lower body consisted of a spider’s thorax and abdomen, with eight jointed legs.
Matt flipped through the comic book.  He had already read the first few pages, detailing the resolution of the last issue’s cliffhanger.  Britney was now flying through the stars in her
:icondavid-presents:David-presents 14 15
Idol Moments
“Peace… serenity….”
Sam sat on a gym mat, her long legs folded.  She was dressed for yoga, in a blue leotard with black leggings.  She took a deep breath in, let it out slowly.
“Find the tranquility within you….”
“There’s someone knocking at the door!” Sam shouted.
She took another deep breath.
“Will someone see who’s there already!” she shouted.
“How am I supposed to relax and be calm if I have to hop up every five seconds?”  She unfolded her legs and strode from the room.  Just as she reached the front door, she encountered Camila.
While Sam had short, blonde hair, Camila’s was long and dark.  She wore a red blouse and a short, black skirt.  “You weren’t going to let a stranger in, were you, Sam?  You don’t know who’s out there!”
“No,” Sam snapped back.  
:icondavid-presents:David-presents 14 15
The Reluctant Girl Detective
Being tied up, gagged and locked in a cupboard was not the way I had planned on spending my evening.   I had my day all planned out; do my shift at the restaurant then finish my project for my journalist’s course.  However, my friend had other ideas…
“Daddy refused to buy me a new laptop!”  Fleur slumped in her seat, her long blond hair falling over her face.  “He said he’s paid out quite enough just lately and suggested I got a job!”
“Oh dear.”  I smiled sympathetically and returned to my newspaper.  “It’s not that old, is it?”
“Kate, my laptop is at least eight months old.”  Fleur pouted at me.  “The technology is already old.”
“Mine’s two years old and still works as well as when I got it.”  I pointed out.  “I’m sure it will be fine.”
I should explain; Fleur comes from a rich family, her father pays for the flat that we share, her car and gi
:iconcreated-by-caz:Created-By-Caz 49 12
You stole my hero
“Next on the Damsel Network, The Marissa Clements Show.“
“Good morning everyone, I’m Marissa Clements and welcome to the show!  Today’s topic is ‘you stole my hero’. Now, let’s get this show started!  Our first guest is Jayne; give her a round of applause.”
“Hello Marissa and thank you for inviting me on the show.”
“My pleasure, Jayne.  How about you tell us all about your problem?”
“Well, I was having coffee with some friends; we’d decided to try out a new place.  We were sat chatting, enjoying our drinks, when a guy dressed in black attacked a girl in the street, trying to get her handbag.”
“Wow, right there in the high street?  What happened next, Jayne?”
“I phoned the police, obviously.  My friends managed to take some pictures of the incident on their phones while I was calling for help.  One of them was going to go outside
:iconcreated-by-caz:Created-By-Caz 10 8
They say nice guys finish last.  Well, this is a story of a nice guy who finally started fighting back and most definitely did not finish last.
It all happened several years ago, back when I was in college.  It wasn’t really my sort of thing, but Vee, my chemistry lab partner, had really talked up the sophomore mixer, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to drop in and check it out.  To tell you the truth, what I was really hoping for was that I might run into Melissa.
Melissa was… well, I’m a scientist, not a poet, so all I’ll say is that I thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and leave the flowery words for someone else.  She didn’t attend the institute of science and technology that I did, but rather an expensive liberal arts university.  This mixer I told you about was being held at their student union, open to all sophomores from the surrounding colleges.
It seemed impossible to me that Melissa would show up at the dance withou
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